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Awakening the World Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee's story on patience, which relates to hope.
Saint John of the Cross An homage to a church reformer and explorer of Christian mysticism.
Dark Night of the Soul A classical mystic text reframed for spiritual seekers.
Learning to Walk in the Dark A study that models the questing spirit of creativity, openness, and playfulness in an examination of the manifold meanings of re-learning to walk in the dark.
The Dark Night of the Soul A cogent assessment of this spiritual passage in life.
Holy Listening Margaret Guenther on the spiritual director's openness to anything the directee may bring.
A Joseph Campbell Companion Short quotes from Joseph Campbell's Esalen seminar.
The Inner Voice of Love The renowned spiritual writer's secret journal written during his dark night of the soul.
Prayers at 3 A.M. An edgy and creative anthology of poems, chants, and songs about the allure and mysteries of the night.
Burning the Midnight Oil Phil Cousineau on being haunted by night.