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Sacred Darkness An examination of the pervasive and important role of darkness in the lives of spiritual people.
The Far Corner John Daniel on the beauty of night and the need to write at that time.
Meeting the Shadow of Spirituality A hard look at the abuse that can occur when disciples project their highest hopes on leaders, teachers, or gurus.
Ten Poems for Difficult Times A poem by Jan Richardson pondering the light in our lives.
Burning the Midnight Oil Phil Cousineau on being haunted by night.
In the Company of Rilke Rilke on creative receptivity and the value of darkness.
Risking Everything David Whyte's poem on zeal.
(title not found) A CD with melodic and inspiring ballads used for healing and guidance through transitions. This song by Sandi Kimmel is about seeing the Divine in all things.
Saint John of the Cross An homage to a church reformer and explorer of Christian mysticism.
Dark Night of the Soul A classical mystic text reframed for spiritual seekers.