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Dancing on the Head of a Pen Robert Benson on making the most out of silence and solitude for creative endeavors.
Circle of Compassion Simple meditations to help integrate caring for the self with caring for others.
The Way of Kindness Henri Nouwen on becoming kind.
The Dhammapada A rendering of the Buddha's words about the spiritual practice of peace.
Everyday Tao Deng Ming-Dao on the effort and discipline of practicing Taoism.
The Shattered Lantern Ronald Rolheiser on how gratitude is a result of discipline.
Triggers On discipline as an inner resource for personal growth.
One Continuous Mistake Gail Sher on the Buddhist way of being present by being out of the way.
Striking Beauty An elegant book on the beauty and philosophy of the martial arts.
The Mystic Heart Wayne Teasdale on spiritual practice as the key to personal transformation.