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The Cosmic Dance Joyce Rupp on our connection to the cosmos through eating.
The Buddha Is Still Teaching Jack Kornfield on how we are all interconnected.
Best Food Writing 2011 An appealing and eclectic group of essays on food.
Savor Thich Nhat Hanh on mindful eating of an apple.
We Are the Weather Startling statistics and facts that make the case for more imagination in confronting the climate crisis.
Picnic An interactive illustrated story about a patient party of five who endure a series of interruptions before having a pleasant picnic together.
No Ordinary Apple A children's picture book on how to engage all the senses and practice mindfulness while eating.
Savor A Buddhist approach to weight loss based on mindfulness, exercise, and nutritional science.
Food for Life J. Shannon Jung on three Christian spiritual practices surrounding food and eating.
Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream A science writer on paying attention to the rhythms and myriad functions of the body during our daily activities.