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The Bounty An intricate layered character study and colorful adventure saga.
The Lords of Discipline Offers a hard look at the military mystique of honor, loyalty, and discipline.
Lola A well-acted film which showcases Rainer Werner Fassbinder's laser-sharp social consciousness.
Clean Slate A compelling offbeat morality play.
Grendel Grendel Grendel An amusing and philosophically rich animated film.
Thief Embues the crime story genre with fresh sophistication.
Choice of Arms A French crime drama that emphasizes the different shades of morality rather than thrills.
The Long Riders A well-done film about the legendary Jesse James.
The Big Fix A lively Western in the Dashielle Hammet style.
One Wild Moment Depicts four characters who dance nimbly around ethical questions in this French film about love.