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Speaking of Sin Claims that sin is a helpful and hopeful concept for Christians.
Antichrist Examines this compelling legend.
The Nasty Girl The true story of a Bavarian girl's quest to find out the truth about her small village's history during World War II.
The Screwtape Letters Actor John Cleese makes the most of C.S. Lewis's rich vein of comedy and satire in this religious classic.
Living with the Devil Makes the spiritual practice of mystery an essential survival tool for our times.
The Usual Suspects A classic in the crime drama genre filled with references to the idea of evil forces.
Sakya Pandita in Ordinary Wisdom Bad people, like strainers
The Healer of Shattered Hearts A good primer for beginning students of Judaism.
Shabkar in Happiness Kind even when angry
Rabbi Jannai in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection The afflictions of the righteous