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Prayer of the Heart A meditation on compassion and loving-kindness for others.
To the Unfriendly A meditation on love toward people who are unfriendly.
To Strangers A meditation on love toward people who are strangers.
Transform Your Mind Dissolving anger and hostility.
An Awakened Life Christopher Titmuss on the values and potential problems of the spiritual practice of kindness.
Mindfulness for Everyday Living Christopher Titmuss on the virtues of the spiritual practice of attention with a special focus on the importance of our intentions.
Steps to Ending Our Prejudices Resolving not to put others down.
Mindfulness for Everyday Living Makes this Buddhist teaching relevant to our activities, energy, and inner life.
The Little Box of Inner Calm Christopher Titmuss's poem on being present.
Light on Enlightenment Christopher Titmuss's advice on how to practice compassion when dealing with the pesky demons of praise and blame.