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Long-Standing, Recurrent, Painful Patterns A 15-minute embodied imagination practice for transforming recurring upset or conflict.
Brother David Steindl-Rast in Music of Silence We think that people are grateful because they are happy
Molly Wolf in A Place Like Any Other It's funny how many of our problems result from expectations
Sekkei Harada in The Essence of Zen To practice means
Ram Dass in Awakening the Buddhist Heart Ram Dass would always say, "Hold on tight"
Jelaluddin Rumi inTraveling Mercies Where there is ruin
Anthony de Mello in Sadhana, A Way to God At the time of his conversion, Ignatius indulged
Margaret Bullitt-Jonas in Holy Hunger It's no easy business
Ayya Khema in Visible Here and Now Do not blame the trigger
Zopa Rinpoche in Transforming Problems into Happiness By habitually seeing as a problem