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The Fasting Path Stephen Harrod Buhner's 16 essential steps to spiritual fasting — a self-aware devotion.
Fasting Carole Garibaldi Rogers on practicing a healthy spiritual discipline of devotional fasting.
Simple Living Jose Hobday on nurturing spirit by fasting.
Joseph Telushkin in The Book of Jewish Values My wife and I periodically try to engage
Ansari in Essential Sufism Look to what you do
The Sacred Art of Fasting Alternatives to fasting for those who cannot fast in the traditional sense of abstaining from food and drink.
Kenneth Cohen in Honoring the Medicine In pursuit of guidance from the Great Creator.
Sharing Food Outlines Christian spiritual eating practices including saying grace, sharing, hospitality, and honoring the body.
Farid Esack in On Being a Muslim Fasting is about a responsibility to others
Farid Esack in On Being a Muslim I have to reflect on the nature of charity