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We do not pray alone We do not pray alone
Stories of Awe and Abundance Jose Hobday telling the story of Joseph -- a Berkeley resident who reached out to one and all to provide a bit of good news.
A Sense of Mystery A prayer to embrace mystery in a way that fosters divine connection.
Applause Jose Hobday on the basis of joy expressed through applause.
Prayer Carrier An imaginative commentary on using a cut flower in prayer practice.
Jose Hobday A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Jose Hobday, Native American elder, Franciscan sister, and workshop leader.
Simple Living Jose Hobday on nurturing spirit by fasting.
Before Writing and Sending a Letter A practice for compassionate communication.
Stories of Awe and Abundance Rich treasures from a teacher who cherishes life, love, and all the good graces that surround us.
Simple Living A sturdy little book of practical spirituality.