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Anne Morrow Lindbergh in Traits of a Healthy Spirituality One can be recklessly lost in a daisy
Chinese Proverb in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection A book is like a garden
Jelaluddin Rumi in The Fragrance of Faith The flowers that bloom from the heart
Anne Morrow Lindbergh inTraits of a Healthy Spirituality It is nice to think how one can be
Anne Morrow Lindbergh in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Recklessly lost in a daisy
Ralph Waldo Emerson in Divinity in Disguise Earth laughs in flowers
Thomas Traherne in The Divining Heart Thou canst not pluck a flower
Bahauddin in The Drowned Book God is the invisible flower
Dawna Markova in Giving Thanks Look at this splendor Isn't it a miracle