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Braveheart The adventures of a legendary 13th century freedom fighter.
Carny A tightly structured, atmospherically rich little movie that works.
The Great Water A religious drama about faith and rebellion set in a Macedonian orphanage after World War II where youth are trained to serve Stalin and expected to recant all remnants of Christianity.
Blackboards An engrossing Iranian film about two itinerant teachers and some lost and desolate people they encounter in a mountainous region where war has savaged the lives and liberties of the poor and the dispo…
Waking Life A visionary animated film of deep play that is stylistically innovative and spiritually rich in content.
Greenfingers An English comedy about some prisoners who discover that gardening not only nurtures their souls but also gives them a taste of freedom.
The Circle A riveting Iranian drama set in modern day Teheran, showing how a group of women, severely constrained by the patriarchy, religion, and custom, nevertheless nurture their souls with the tonic of freed…
Free Willy The friendship between a troubled 12-year old boy and an orca at an adventure park, which will appeal to all friends of nature.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off A snappy and thought-provoking film about adolescence.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest An American classic with its celebration of the deep yearning for freedom inherent in all the characters.