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Boyhood One of the best and most memorable films ever made about the art of improvisation as a path of wisdom, creativity, and personal renewal.
School of Rock A high energy comedy propelled by the antics of Jack Black as one who serves society by rocking and by sticking it to The Man.
Tape A compelling drama about the reunion of two high school buddies that turns into a battle of wills.
Waking Life A visionary animated film of deep play that is stylistically innovative and spiritually rich in content.
Before Midnight A couple on the cusp of a mid-life crisis talk their way through a storm of disappointments, resentments, and flash points in their 18-year relationship.
Me and Orson Welles A funny and appealing coming-of-age drama propelled by a razzle-dazzle performance by Christian McKay as the legendary boy-wonder Orson Welles.
subUrbia A hard-edged drama about some soulless twentysomethings.
Dazed and Confused Shows the aimlessness and amorality of youth who don't have a clue to the rituals that could give their lives meaning.
Before Sunset An enthralling love story that puts a capital S on Seduction.
Slacker An innovative film with its many zany portraits of dropouts from the world of work and adult responsibility.