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Secret Charity Suggestions for demonstrating kindness to others.
Gershe Sonam Rinchen Accepting Invitations
Rolling Thunder in The Wizdom Within Everyone in this life has something they are supposed to do
Jon Kabat-Zinn in Wherever You Go, There You Are Initiate giving
Edward C. Sellner in Mentoring We inherit from our ancestors gifts so often taken for granted
Helen M. Luke in Kaleidoscope Each of us, as we journey through life, has the opportunity
Annie Dillard in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek When I was six or seven years old
Our Overflowing Selves An appeal for the spiritual motivation to give of ourselves for God.
The Chance to Give A story about the best gift being to give someone the chance to give.
Eating Mindfully Ideas and suggestions for making connections with others at meals and helping you understand that you are part of a community and planet that share food.