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Confidence A nifty caper film exploring the greed that animates con men and the marks they prey upon with such playful abandon.
Broken Rainbow An unsettling documentary about the U.S. government's assault on Navajo and Hopi people during the 1970s in an attempt to gain access to the resources beneath the earth on their sacred land.
Crimes and Misdemeanors A metaphysical comedy that offers a thought-provoking portrait of the amorality of our times when many individuals no longer seem troubled by guilt.
The Marriage of Maria Braun The story of a shrewd and ambitious woman or as a parable on the decadence of postwar Germany.
Death to Smoochy A rude, over-the-top black comedy about a holy fool who works wonders in the cutthroat world of children's television.
The Operator A nifty morality play about the consequences of a selfish and compulsive life.
Sweet November A romantic comedy about the emotional makeover of a self-absorbed workaholic man.
Vatel The fuss and the fury surrounding a three-day visit of French King Louis XIV in 1671 to a country estate, which seems strikingly contemporary: the rich and the powerful squander their lives in overcon…
The Laundromat How to turn the tables on the super rich.
The Two Jakes Points out that we may think we're done with the past but it almost never is done with us.