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The derelict asleep on the pavement The derelict asleep on the pavement
Science and Wisdom Jurgen Moltmann on homelessness and the spiritual practice of compassion.
The Wanderers Henry A. Garon on how the lives of street people are mixtures of blessings and curses.
Compassion for Houseless People A call for churches, synagogues, and mosques to adopt one houseless person.
A Prayer for Those Living in PovertyUSA The largest "state" in the United States is PovertyUSA. Nearly one in six Americans (46 million people), and one in four children, live there. The government's official poverty threshold for a famil…
Noble The true story of charity founder Christina Noble's empathy in action.
Thinking yields a twofold gain Thinking yields a twofold gain
Mondo A ten-year old gypsy boy's zest for life has a salutary effect on a small community.
Quakers Peter Furtado on how Quakers lead the way on activism.
Soul Among Lions Will D. Campbell on offering compassion to those in need.