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Hazrat Inayat Khan in The Inner Life If you have no faith even God will not hear you
Kerry Walters in Jacob's Hip Security is the ultimate idol
Madeleine L'Engle in Penguins and Golden Calves A comprehended God is no God
Kathleen Norris in The Cloister Walk Consumerism is our idolatry
Wilkie Au, Noreen Cannon Au in The Discerning Heart Jesus never made personal autonomy an idol.
Margaret Guenther in The Practice of Prayer The new place where God is calling us
Robert Farrar Capon in Food for Thought The major sin is boredom
Ibn 'Arabi in Perfume of the Desert I follow the religion of love
Joan Chittister in The Ten Commandments All life can only come from one source
My Father My Lord (Hofshat Kaits) A parabolic Israeli film which speaks volumes about the nature of devotion to God.