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Identity Definitions of the terms identity and identity politics.
Inviting a Monkey to Tea Nancy Colier on our fear that we are not good enough.
The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden A look at what prevents people from living out a heightened sense of worth, meaning, and purpose.
The Kabbalah of Money Nilton Bonder on what we can tell about persons by their pockets.
Start Where You Are An excerpt on self-acceptance from Pema Chodron's book Start Where You Are.
Touching the Holy Spiritual exercises which can help us build self-respect.
The Path of the Human Being A teaching story by the Buddha on realizing your true nature.
In the Middle of This Road We Call Our Life Encouragement to let the depths of the inner world speak.
The Diamond in Your Pocket A story illuminating the nearness of inner treasure.
Things That Join the Sea and the Sky Journal entries from one of our favorite spiritual teachers who encourages us to sail on a sea of possibilities.