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Facing Windows A top-notch Italian drama about finding your passion and devoting yourself to it with as much energy and enthusiasm as you can muster.
Afterglow Explores the often difficult dynamics of intimacy and the need for forgiveness.
Forget Paris A delightfully developed and delivered romantic comedy.
Martha and I Explores a hard-working woman whose life is transformed by a marriage of convenience.
Breathing Lessons An engaging anatomy of marriage where intimacy is sustained against all odds.
Married To It Explores the adjustments that must be made to keep a marriage together.
Prelude to a Kiss A spellbinding romantic drama about love and the mysterious ways we experience unity with others.
Husbands and Wives Examines the ways the soul of a marriage can be sustained or shattered by change and conflict.
The Best Intentions Makes the point that marriage always brings spirituality down to earth with its focus on the all the effort that goes into making an intimate relationship work.
Madame Bovary A film adaptation of a 19th century novel which, through director Claude Chabro's loving care and right emphasis, speaks to our times.