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Joan Chittister in Light in the Darkness Assure justice by administering with mercy
Home Tonight Henri J. M. Nouwen on how life and suffering open us to receive care, kindness, and support.
Megan McKenna in Send My Roots Rain Mercy is the rain of God
Mystical Hope Fresh ways of envisioning this Christian virtue.
Ajahn Sumano Bhikkhu, Emily Popp in Meeting the Monkey Halfway Silence is a great asset
Joan Chittister in Light in the Darkness Mercy adds love to punishment
Buddha in What Would Buddha Do? The right time to show your good character
Muhammad in The Knowing Heart God is merciful to those who show mercy
Merciful Meekness Kerry Walters on the interwoven concepts of mercy and meekness.
Bo Lozoff in The Mystic Hours Love and mercy apply to everybody