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Profiles in Christian Courage Profiles of 18 courageous Christians.
Giving Up god . . . to Find God Reveals religious paths that lead to idolatry .
Jacob's Hip Kerry Walter on how a crisis gives us an opportunity to see it for what it is and free ourselves from its power.
The Art of Dying and Living Kerry Walters on practicing patience as a way to live a fulfilling life.
The Art of Dying and Living A contemporary art of dying manual focusing on seven saints who tutor us on living a fulfilling life.
Merciful Meekness Kerry Walters on the interwoven concepts of mercy and meekness.
Jacob's Hip (2) Jacob's Hip: Finding God in an Anxious Age by Kerry Walters is a soul-stirring resource charting some of the transformations that can occur during these tense times.
Jacob's Hip (2)
Profiles in Christian Courage Kerry Walters on how intricately courage and Christian faith are connected.