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The Yogis of Tibet: A Film for Posterity An extraordinary film that salutes the spiritual disciplines and practices of Tibetan yogis who have mastered their minds and bodies as part of their devotion to the dharma.
The Madness of King George Shows how illness can turn one's world upside down and test one's mettle.
Altered States Explores the human drive to leave the body behind, to be born again, and to experience in the mind things that were once thought divine.
Mon Oncle D'Amerique A philosophical puzzle that lingers in the mind long after the closing credit.
Evolution of a Yogi Presents the teachings and practices Ram Dass brought back from India in 1970 after his transformation.
NOVA scienceNOW: How Does the Brain Work? Reports on the study of magic, artificial intelligence, and magnetic mind control.
Sherlock Holmes Double Feature Two early Sherlock Holmes dramas that reveal the English detective's meticulous method of detection and his emphasis on an open mind.
Wordplay A playful documentary about crossword puzzle-heads that is a total delight from start to finish.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind A fascinating psychological drama exploring the manifold complexities of memory, love, desire, and disappointment.
Awakenings Celebrates the deep down joy of life and the healing exchange that can take place between doctor and patient when caring rather than curing is the main emphasis.