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Understanding A Course in Miracles D. Patrick Miller on A Course in Miracles as a way to be directed by love.
Light Upon Light Rumi on the importance of gratitude in life.
Expect a Miracle Engaging accounts of individuals whose lives have been enriched by experiences which defy logic and the consensus view of reality.
Expect a Miracle Examines miracles that take place in the physical world and cannot be explained.
The Silent Pulse George Leonard on the magic in music.
Divine Things Salutes the light in the Torah and the Jewish tradition with essays on faith and revelation.
Creating a Life with God Daniel Wolpert's experience in India that enabled him to appreciate the miracle of grace.
In God's Hands A children's book based on a Jewish folk tale about kindness.
The Hiding Places of God Takes the reader on a tour thrrough this realm.
Mariette In Ecstasy Examines how intense spirituality and mystery can be a threat to institutions.