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Stories of Coming Home Sees God at work in the messes and miseries of humankind, bringing about transformation and renewal.
How to Deal with Adversity Christopher Hamilton on how adversity can give birth to good things.
A Whale of a Mistake The perils and potentials of a mistake swallowing you whole.
The Wise Fool Short fables for children featuring the crazy wisdom of Mulla Nasruddin, a Sufi fool whose upside-down views of the world elicits our laughter and thoughts.
Rumi's Little Book of the Heart An inspirational collection of poems about friendship, love, and loss.
How to Deal with Adversity Adversity can give birth to good things.
Every Little Thing A feel-good song by Bob Marley made into a feel-good children's picture book.
Nothing Holy About It A reframing of Zen using the teachings of Shunyru Suzuki.
Abracadabra! An engaging story about the magic of perseverance, with helpful end notes for parents and caregivers.