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Caroline W. Casey in Making the Gods Work for You At least if you're failing, you know
An old Kadampa saying in Meditations to Transform the Mind Whenever you see a fault in others
Gregory F. A. Pierce in Spirituality @ Work Each time you go to an art or sporting event
Harold S. Kushner in How Good Do We Have To Be? Life is not a trap
Geri Larkin in Tap Dancing in Zen What can any of us do in those moments
Take a Personal Inventory Care for yourself through noting and accepting all your feelings.
Bless The Limitations Questions to ponder to help you bless the limitations -- even your own.
Bernard Glassman and Rick Fields in Instructions to the Cook The pure lotus growing in muddy water
Tawba A practice for accepting our mistakes and moving through them to God's forgiveness, mercy, and truth.
Life Is One Continuous Mistake Accepting your failings.