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Doorway Encouragement to give God a name that rings true for you, and to use it as a gateway to experience the infinite.
An African Invocation of Divine Names Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator's prayer expressing African devotion.
A New Approach A prayer exercise with names given the Divine.
David Ariel in What Do Jews Believe? As spiritual agents of God
Muhammad quoted in Merton and Sufism The Prophet said, "Let him groan..."
WhoWhatWhere are you? Discovering YHWH as Is, Was, and Will Be.
YHVH Before Me A meditation on Psalms 16:8.
All in One A supplication for realization of God's peace and unity.
Al-’Asma’ Al-Husna, “The Beautiful Names” An earnest wish to reflect God's love, light, and harmony in the world.
Breathing the Name A simple breathing practice to restore your equanimity.