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Thomas Aquinas in Confessions Gratitude returns more than has been received
Geri Larkin in Tap Dancing in Zen Sutras are spiritual teachings
Deepak Chopra in The Path to Love Being shown a gesture of love
David Whyte in Ten Poems to Set You Free Offering our hearts for breaking
Ann Ulanov, Ben Ulanov in The Discerning Heart There is no life of the spirit without imagination
Thich Nhat Hanh in Stepping Into Freedom Lighting a Candle
Lawrence Kushner, Nehemia Polen in Filling Words With Light A coach's blessing
Wayne Muller in Sabbath Another practice invites us to bless strangers
Joel Goldsmith in Spiritual Healing The only reason there is for living is love
Lalla in The Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy The only offering you can make to God