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Revelations of 12 Master Artists How paintings speak to our perceptions of self, vision, and meaning.
Child's Play A story about meeting Sufis in Bursa, Turkey.
Poetry to Renew Your Heart Poems exploring the secret of life that leads to renewal.
Poetry in Quest of Courage Thirty-one poems to restore your reservoirs of courage.
Ten Poems for Difficult Times A top-drawer collection of poems to cling to as life rafts.
Ten Poems for Difficult Times A poem by Jan Richardson pondering the light in our lives.
Poetry to Lift Your Spirits A month's worth of poems celebrating an upwelling of life and spirit.
Dropping the Struggle Why our presence is the richest gift we can offer ourselves.
Dropping the Struggle A guide to a deeper response to the mystery of life than struggling to make things different than they are.
Salman Rushdie in Seven Sins for a Life Worth Living A kiss can open the door to a person's heart