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Marrow of Flame Dorothy Walters's poem about being open.
Full Esteem Ahead Diane and Julia Loomans on how we must become connoisseurs of beauty.
Plants that Speak, Souls that Sing Treating nature as a teacher.
The Lively Garden Prayer Book Reflections on nature's way of practicing transformation.
Heaven and Earth Are Flowers Joan Stamm's profile of a teacher of the art of ikebana who has a true flower heart.
The Story of Gaia Being aware with whom you’re breathing.
Plant Spirit Medicine Spiritual ways to connect with plants.
My Friends the Flowers Encourages children to see flowers as friends and companions on our ecological journey together.
The Moonflower A children's book that fosters a sense of wonder and an appreciation of the interdependency between plants and animals.
Thrive Foods A cogent case for the nutritional value of a plant-based diet which also does the least amount of damage to the environment.