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God's Politics Jim Wallis on cynicism versus the spiritual practice of hope.
Webs of Power Her reports from the front lines of the global justice movement and her vision of a more just and sustainable world.
The Future of Peace Draws out our connections with all those who suffer while nurturing within us the spirit of nonviolence and compassionate action.
Politics is Personal A California state legislator's views on the need for a new paradigm in politics.
Voices from the Heart An inspirational anthology of essays by people who are trying to create a more just, peaceful and meaningful world.
The Art of the Impossible A primer on spiritual politics that salutes the potencies of hope and delineates the dynamics of hatred.
The Blindfold's Eyes A remarkable memoir of an extraordinary woman of faith whose ardent quest for justice and truth is a shining light for us all.
Reclaiming the Balance, Saving the Future Shares Native American concerns for the health of the earth and the well-being of future generations.
Making the World We Want Five-hour presentation at the San Francisco Zen Center on the politics of enlightenment.
Communion, Community, Commonweal Profound teachings from the wisdom of Sufism.