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Robert Thurman A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Robert Thurman, an internationally recognized Tibetan Buddhism scholar, translator, and writer.
Freedom from Bitterness How to build a peaceful fortress of tolerance and forgiveness.
The Jewel Tree of Tibet Robert Thurman on the meaning of the eighteen root vows and forty-six branch vows of the bodhisattva.
Love Your Enemies Personal stories and spiritual practices on loving our enemies.
Nonretaliation or Forgiveness A practice for developing patience, compassion, and the capacity to forgive through imagining violent scenarios that habitually make you angry.
Anger Robert Thurman on Eastern and Western strategies to deal with the emotional addiction of anger.
Why the Dalai Lama Matters A bold and visionary book about the peaceful and hopeful role that the Dalai Lama can play in resolving the conflict between China and Tibet.
Anger A lively and substantive consideration of this emotional addiction mainly from a Buddhist perspective.
The Jewel Tree of Tibet Wisdom on bliss, love, and compassion.
Circling the Sacred Mountain Thurman has many cogent things to say about Tibet, happiness, the yoga of positive seeing, suffering, liberation, and the future of the planet.