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Mank A look at the influence of power and money in 1930s Hollywood through the eyes of a talented but blocked and addicted writer.
Gone Girl A brilliantly directed and well-acted psychological thriller.
House of Cards A fascinating 13-episode drama about a power politician in Washington who puts into play a plan for his future that brings a lot hurt to others.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo A dark thriller that mines the meanings of family skeletons, power, corruption, sex, and misogyny.
The Social Network An astonishing morality tale about the shadow side of creativity, the loneliness of pioneers, and the ways in which anger can fuel ambition.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The wild adventures of an outsider with a strange physical condition who makes the most out of his journey through life.
Fight Club This devil-may-care love of violence is part and parcel of America's shadow.
The Game An unforgettable spiritual parable that invites every viewer to ask: What whack on the head would it take to wake me up and open my heart?
Seven An eerie suspense film with a surprize ending that provides quite a jolt.
Alien 3 A scary thrille with Sigourney Weaver as a tough woman warrior.