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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 A satisfying culmination in this saga as Bella the human and Edward the vampire marry and face a critical decision.
Small, Beautifully Moving Parts An intimate and well-acted drama about the technological tools in our lives and the quest of a young pregnant woman to reconcile with her long estranged mother.
Obvious Child An oddball comedy about a screwed-up 28-year old stand-up comic who tries to get her life back on track after learning that she is pregnant.
17 Girls A rare film focusing on the feelings, fears, dreams, and emotions of girls.
Order of the Sacred Earth Jennifer Listug on her vision for The Order of the Sacred Earth.
Sex is not fully woven into our regular life Sex is not fully woven into our regular life
Cotton Mary An Indian drama about the dehumanizing effects of class-warfare.