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Autobiography of a Sadhu Rampuri's overview of ascetics in India called sadhus and their role in Hinduism.
Sacred Jewels of Yoga Swami Vivekananda on standing aside and letting God work.
Dancing with Life On how renunciation, the conscious giving up of certain attitudes, views, behaviors, and goals, helps you form a new relationship with your ego and your desires.
Guru to the World Vivekananda and Gandhi on justice and devotion.
Not for Happiness A primer on ngondra practice and an explanation of its benefits.
The Silent Cry Dorothee Soelle on simplifying your life to find beauty.
Poems of the First Buddhist Women “Poems with about Twenty Verses” by Subha, an ordained Buddhist woman two millennia ago.
Better Than Before A thorough review of what is involved in changing bad habits and strengthening good ones.
Into the Heart of Life An incisive overview of Buddhist essentials from the perspective of a woman with 40 years of spiritual practice.
Autobiography of a Sadhu An American takes us on his adventurous and rewarding spiritual quest to India where he becomes the first foreigner to be initiated into an ancient society of yogis and shamans