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The Gift of Tears A teaching story on how tears helped Dorothy Day persevere in a struggle for justice.
God bless you God bless you
Dorothee Soelle Dorothee Soelle on our capacity to love being the most essential element of Christian faith.
Dorothee Soelle A soul-stirring collection of essays, poems, and meditations on peace, justice and mysticism.
The Silent Cry Dorothee Soelle on simplifying your life to find beauty.
Stations of the Cross A collection of theological pieces based on her visit to seven countries.
The Silent Cry A sturdy, ecumenical, cross-cultural, and multi-religious perspective on the intertwining of mysticism and political action.
Against the Wind Explores the link in her life between faith and politics.
Creative Disobedience A devastating critique of obedience as a preeminent Christian virtue.