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The Book of Tea A 1906 work on this elegant ceremony and the culture that honors it.
Jewish Ritual A handy interfaith guidebook.
A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven An edifying resource by two master ritual makers.
The Women's Passover Companion Reflections designed to enrich this observance.
The Way of the Labyrinth Helpful material for anyone interested in this spiritual practice.
The Soul Aflame Fifty-six passages about the yearning of the creative spirit within us.
On Being a Muslim A vision of Islam comes across as very relevant to our times.
Zen and the Art of Tea Explicates the guiding principles behind this ritual.
The Book of Ceremonies Native creation accounts, love songs, prayers, traditional stories, and ceremonies arising out of a felt sense of participation in the universe.
The Pilgrimage Way of the Cross A Lenten resource that challenges us to a prayerful use of our imagination.