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Real Presence The art nun on pre-iconoclastic icons in the monastery of St. Catherine at Mt. Sinai.
The Open Door An exploration of the meaning of these paintings in the Orthodox tradition.
The Mystery of Love An enlightened commentary on the sacred meaning of 39 creations.
Sister Wendy on the Art of Saints Spiritual insights by Sister Wendy Beckett on 14 paintings of saints.
Joy Lasts A look at differences between religious and spiritual art with examples ranging from Cezanne to El Greco.
Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen The visions and the theological linchpins of this mystic's imaginative interpretation of Christianity.
Affirmation of Beauty The wisdom and wonder of art historian and religious sister Wendy Beckett.
Dwelling with Philippians Stunning paintings that add a sensuous dimension to the reading of Paul's letter to the Philippians.
The Art of Faith A guide to Christian images and symbols in art that makes a history lesson into a playful adventure.