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The Cunning Man A novel about an unorthodox physician known for his unsual diagnostic skills.
Enchanted Objects An introduction to the wonderful world of enchanted objects and the changes they will bring to our lives
The Theory of Everything A brilliant novel that mixes science and mysticism in a way that informs and inspires.
A Moth to the Flame A novel about how Rumi's life was transformed through his relationship with the wandering dervish Shams of Tabriz.
Flannery O'Connor's Religious Imagination A substantive interpretation of the role of grace and meaning in the fiction of this important Christian writer.
The Fifth Mountain Reveals the secrets of true questing.
Deep Play A dazzling job of delineating the multidimensional aspects of play.
The Vicar of Sorrows A novel by A.N.Wilson about the faith crisis of a middle-aged clergyman in England.
Revelations A novel about an Episcopal minister in the 1950s who has a vision of God.
Frederick Buechner: Novelist and Theologian of the Lost and Found A fine overview of Frederick Buechner's many and varied writings.