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Shame and Grace Lewis Smedes on the dynamics of grace and shame, and the power of God's acceptance.
The Golden Condom A reflection on how love can be resurrected and is never lost.
Why Can't Church Be More Like an AA Meeting? An example of the affirmations common in 12-Step programs.
Squeezed A look into the plight of highly educated poor in America.
Daring Greatly Brene Brown on shame as a primitive emotion.
Transforming Our Painful Emotions Makes a good case for taming and befriending our negative emotions and seeing them as allies rather than as enemies.
Embracing Envy A multi-leveled exploration of envy.
Overcoming Perfectionism Tests and practices to help break the habit of perfectionism and open doors to a more balanced and fulfilling life.
Love Hurts Reasons why you need not feel ashamed about displaying your emotions.
Wholeheartedness Chuck DeGroat on what it means to live a life of wholeness.