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Love Is a Fire The practices and qualities of the Sufi path.
Living with the Himalayan Masters An extraordinary account of his spiritual adventures.
In God's Womb Catholic laywoman Edwina Gateley on how we are seduced by God and called to be more like the Great Lover by serving others.
The Stream & the Sapphire 38 poems which convey her journey from agnosticism to Christianity.
Convergence Charts her spiritual journey, including some unusual side trips.
The Color of Gratitude Meditative poems designed spur us to greater attentiveness and appreciation for wonder, surprises, and epiphanies.
God in the Midst of Change Diarmuid O'Murchu on the elements of spirituality in modern times.
The Human Condition The author's Harold W. Wit Lectures at Harvard Univeristy Divinity School covering self-knowledge and the unconditional love of God.
The Taste for Things That Are True States that asking the right questions is the right path to true self-knowledge.
A Dresser of Sycamore Trees Makes a good case for honoring the many gifts of the Spirit and different callings.