Robert Morneau is Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General of the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin. A popular speaker nationwide, his many books include a New Heart: Eleven Qualities of Holiness. In the preface to this new collection of meditative poems, Morneau challenges us to become detectives searching for clues of the Divine presence: "This volume is an invitation to take a walk in the woods, to sit at a table in leisurely conversation, to listen to a fellow pilgrim seeking a sunbeam of God's grace."

Morneau's poems keep us on our toes in anticipation of surprises and epiphanies. In "Bird Dog," he compares a dog poised in attention to our soul and wonders whether we are capable of the same kind of focus and intensity. In "Waiting," the poet compares the time spent in front of a washing machine to passing time before Eternity. In "Time to Kill," he salutes the hours we have between events and finds them as opportunities for relaxation and renewal.

The author also finds meaning in two dancers, pain, prayer, doing something beautiful for God, kindness, saints, and fun. Morneau spurs us on to greater attentiveness and appreciation for wonder, surprises, and epiphanies.