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Spiritual Literacy An audio abridgement of the 1996 book with readings of excerpts to illustrate each practice in the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy from attention to zeal.
Learning the Language of the Soul A description of the value and components of spiritual literacy.
One Minute Wisdom Wisdom as reading the book that is you.
Here and Now A collection of meditations in which the renowned spiritual teacher reads the meaning of everyday life.
The Book of Tiny Prayer A collection of prayers from the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic capturing yearnings, opportunities, and collective responsibilities.
What We Talk about When We Talk about Books Reassurance that whatever the medium, immersion in a world of words will survive.
Eyes of the Heart A compassionate treatise on behalf of the poor.
Ordinarily Sacred A dazzling book on finding spiritual meaning in everyday life.
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion Surveys the subject and discusses how important qualities of the soul are nurtured in spiritual companionship.
Living Prayer A call for us to weave all the strands of our experience together around a dialogue with God.