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Bee Season An engrossing family drama about the destructiveness of spiritual pride and the healing power of selfless love.
God Is Great, I'm Not A light-hearted French film about the spiritual quest of a fashion model seeking peace of mind while in a love affair with a veterinarian who is a non-practicing Jew.
The Making of a Modern Mystic Andrew Harvey discusses his spiritual journey.
Dreaming Lhasa A well-realized drama about Tibetans living in exile in India and their quest to find meaning.
Crowning Glory: The Virgin Mary in the Arts of Portugal Presents an overview and commentary on 75 masterpieces in this collection.
Lakota Medicine Walk: Hearing One Voice, Volume I Illustrates an important aspect of Native American spirituality-listening.
Sex and the Sacred: Conversations with Sam Keen Explores the meanings and mysteries which grow out of the confluence of sex and the sacred.
Road Scholar A witty travel guide with a serious interest in the unique and varied ways in which Americans express their spirituality in a materialistic culture.
The Razor's Edge Charts the spiritual journey of a young man whose quest for meaning results in the transformation of his nature.
Mindwalk A mind-tripping exploration of science, ecology, politics and spirituality.