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Bantu Saying in Wisdom of the African World Where there is more than enough
Michael Lerner in Jewish Renewal The earth needs a shabbat
Brenda Peterson in Build Me an Ark I thought that animals were always
Brenda Dunne in Cybergrace I think that anthropomorphizing our machines
Jim Wallis in The Soul of Politics Biblical instructions and traditions could guide us
Garbage Naikan Thanking something you are about to throw away.
When True Simplicity Is Gained A call to cherish and explore the vibrant simplicities of faith, grace, and community.
Judy Carman in Peace to All Beings Reverence for all life
Making the Good Life Last Makes a good case for expanding our view of sustainability to include not only the environment but also economics, community, and relationships.
Subverting Greed Paul F. Knitter and Chandra Muzaffar on the household rules for a just, sustainable society.