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How Can We Keep from Singing Joan Oliver Goldsmith with a salute to the feeling of magic and zeal when singing Mozart's Requeim.
The Four Virtues Tobin Hart on beauty as a transformative spiritual practice.
Spiritual Connection in Daily Life Lynn Underwood on connections with others as the heartbeat of life.
Like Trees Walking Meditations on saying yes to the wonders and marvels of old age.
You Can't Put God in a Box A delineation of reflexive spirituality as a middle path between Christian fundamentalism and a spiritually vacant secular society.
The Power of Meaning A persuasive book on the importance of the quest for meaning in everyday life.
The Future of God A defense of God against spiritual nihilism.
God at the Edge Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein on feeling fearful in the face of transcendent love.
How to Be Alone Makes a good case for the bounties of solitude.
A New Buddhist Path An examination of the state of contemporary Buddhism in the West.