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In the Cockpit A prayer for the crew in the cockpit.
There Is No Road Antonio Machado's poem about questing on the spiritual journey.
Kathleen Norris in The Quotidian Mysteries Whenever I am checking bags at an airport...
Lifecraft A devotional work filled with cogent insights.
Ultimate Journey Recounts an adventuresome and monumental journey of the spirit undertaken by an American following the path of a seventh-century Chinese Buddhist monk.
Bones of the Master The spiritual adventures of a 71-year-old monk and the author, a self-described 42-year-old cerebral ne'er-do-well.
A Guide to Monastic Guest Houses Covers monastic guest houses representing a range of Christian denominations in every state as well as all the Canadian provinces.
The Road Within An enthralling collection of writings.
Around the World in 80 Days A delightful adaptation of a Jules Verne classic.
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Resonates with anyone who has been frustrated by the inconveniences of travel.