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There Is No Road Antonio Machado's poem about questing on the spiritual journey.
Bones of the Master The spiritual adventures of a 71-year-old monk and the author, a self-described 42-year-old cerebral ne'er-do-well.
Lifecraft A devotional work filled with cogent insights.
Ultimate Journey Recounts an adventuresome and monumental journey of the spirit undertaken by an American following the path of a seventh-century Chinese Buddhist monk.
A Guide to Monastic Guest Houses Covers monastic guest houses representing a range of Christian denominations in every state as well as all the Canadian provinces.
The Road Within An enthralling collection of writings.
The Road to Guadalupe Imaginatively explores multiple manifestations of the Divine Feminine during a pilgrimage to Mexico City.
Travels Essays about his journeys.
The Island of the Colorblind Insights into the complexities of the natural world, disease, and the search for humane ways to treat the sick.
Walk in a Relaxed Manner An account that adds immeasurably to our appreciation and understanding of the spiritual practice of pilgrimage.