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The Wave in the Mind Fine insights and tributes to the power of creativity and the imagination.
G. K. Chesterton An eclectic crosscut of selections from the pen of this prolific and eccentric Christian.
The Inner Life of Martin Frost A fanciful and engaging metaphysical mystery about a writer, two beauties, love, and the challenges of the creative process.
Zen and the Writing Life A useful focus on the challenges and rewards of creativity.
Shakespeare in Love A beautifully realized tribute to the rush of imagination as one of the great creative force fields in the universe.
Ghosts in the Garden On having a restorative spiritual retreat in a garden.
Thich Nhat Hanh in Taming The Tiger Within A true love letter can transform
The Sound of Paper A useful companion for those embarking on creative endeavors.
A Literary Education and Other Essays Joseph Epstein on how an essayist is most profound when his intentions are modest.
Flannery O'Connor Salutes the career of this Catholic novelist, short story writer, and religious thinker.