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Benjamin Mays in Second Chance Age and youth belong together
Joseph M. Marshall III A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Joseph Marshall, a member of the Sicangu, storyteller and educator
John R. Mabry A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of John R. Mabry, a teacher, interfaith spiritual director and pastor.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Teach Us to Number Our Days Youth is the time to study wisdom
Youth A sign-of-the-times movie about two desperate brothers in modern day Israel who kidnap a rich girl in a desperate attempt to get some economic equity.
Youth A distinctive and alluring blend of soul searching and philosophical musings amid the challenges of conscious aging.
The App Generation Howard Gardner and Katie Davis on how app consciousness may determine young people's future.
The App Generation Thought-provoking report on the App Generation and what technology is doing to their identity, intimacy, and imagination.
Testament of Youth An intensely focused, emotionally gripping, and beautifully acted antiwar movie.
Youth in Revolt An oddball adolescent goes on a wild quest to lose his virginity and to find true love with a seductive and mysterious young woman.