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Scenes from a Mall Examines a marriage under siege.
Down and Out in Beverly Hills A robust laugh-filled humanistic comedy filled with hilarious incidents and clever one-liners.
Moscow on the Hudson Gives patriotism a good name with its plentiful emotional and comic fireworks.
Tempest Scores a few points in its treatment of the illusion of solving one's problems by running away from them.
Willie & Phil Vividly shows the pain and unfulfilment that comes with the yearning for new experience that is so embedded in the American grain.
An Unmarried Woman Beautifully conveys one woman's journey from dependent security to independent self-confidence.
Next Stop, Greenwich Village An ingratiating puppy dog of a film by Paul Mazursky about a young man seeking independence in a place synonymous with freedom.
Harry & Tonto The cross-country travels and discoveries of a 70-year-old man from New York City.